Committee Changes

It is with much regret that I need to inform you that John Connaghan has decided to stand down as Treasurer of the Overton Memorial Institute as of the end of 2017, after many years of dedicated service.

The remaining officers and committee members wish John all the very best for the future and I am sure this will be echoed by our members. I would personally like to thank John for his support and commitment to the club, it is truly appreciated.

John’s resignation will leave the committee with a considerable gap that needed to be addressed, therefore a meeting was held on the 18th December.

Those in attendance: Caroline Stroner (Chairman), Sharron Budge (Secretary), Dennis Rowles (Trustee), Dennis McCann (Trustee), Colin Phillimore (Trustee), Julie Richards, Sarah Thompson, Mark Rosier, Michael Gearing

It was agreed by the attending committee members, and supported by the trustees that Sharron Budge will take on the role of treasurer and Michael Gearing the role of secretary with immediate effect, pending election at the next AGM. Sharron is a qualified accountant and therefore has the appropriate skills to take on the role of treasurer. Michael has extensive HR experience.

Please remember this is an interim measure to ensure the officers roles are sufficiently resourced until the AGM where members will have the opportunity to put forward suitable candidates and vote to decide the way forward for the proceeding 12 month period.

Please join me in thanking Sharron for her dedication to the role of secretary over the last 8 months, through her management and drive the club is beginning to make significant progress. Also it is much appreciated that she is taking on the additional responsibility of treasurer, I know she will be bringing a wealth of experience to this role.

And in thanking Michael for stepping up into the role of secretary, please be supportive and welcoming, this is a tricky role and his skill set is very well placed to deal with the day to day duties that are required.


Caroline Stroner

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